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ISED services (Integrated Socio-Economic Development Services) is a not-for-profit company registered in 2009 under section-25 of the Company Act 1956 (Currently, Section-8 in the Indian Company Act 2013). ISED Services is primarily engaged in the formation, incubation, promotion, commercialization, and sustainability of livelihood-based community organizations (CBOs), enterprises, and startups working for the Bottom of Pyramid (BoP) masses, such as Self-Help Groups (SHGs), Farmers’ Producer Organisations / Companies (FPOs/FPCs), Cooperative societies, Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) etc. and their federations.
Our core objective is to channelise the youth energy for sustainable development and our activities are tuned accordingly. After more than a decade of operational learnings, our services are evolved to provide a one-stop solution for enterprising youth, farmers, women, entrepreneurs, startups, livelihood-based enterprises, and Community-Based Organizations (CBOs) engaged in the sustainable Development space.
We are also extending our Support services to innovative impact entrepreneurs working for the purpose that fostering equitable and inclusive socio-economic growth for the BoP masses. We are committed to building a comprehensive support ecosystem for inclusive and sustainable socio-economic development and growth of the community.
We work in the domains where there is immense potential for developing self-employment for sustainable livelihood for the BoP masses, such as Agriculture, food processing, forestry, Healthcare, technology, IT/ICT, Education, etc.

Vision & Mission


Promotion of institutional framework capable of engaging and channelizing youth energy for the inclusive, equitable, and sustainable socio-economic development of the society.


Acquisition, aggregation and integration of opportunities and grooming of the grass-root level youth for nurturing the same. Development of end-to-end facilitation and support services for ensuring smooth access to the market to foster the adequate growth of cooperative as well as individual entrepreneurship. Development of a healthy socio-Economic ecosystem for rural and poor youth.


  • Promotion of farm as well as non-farm based farmer organizations and startups.
  • Business to business linkages and collaborations at national and international levels.
  • End to end facilitation & support services for nurturing national and international business potentials
  • Promotion of startup & entrepreneurship in women and socially & economically weaker section
  • Partnering with Government and Corporate for the execution of mission-critical projects related to the development sector.
  • Transforming the society from job-oriented to Entrepreneurship oriented.
  • Organizing context-specific national & International seminars, workshops, summits and capacity building programs for Government, Academia, Industries and experts

Our Key Activities

  • Sustainable livelihood and development borne activities.
  • Regenerative and natural farming activities.
  • Formation and promotion of FPOs/FPCs and CBOs.
  • commercialisation of FPOs, FPCs, cooperatives, SHGs and CBOs.
  • Backward/forward linkages for SHGs,FPOs/FPCs, CBOs.
  • Sustainability solutions for FPOs/FPCs and SHGs.
  • Incubation, Training and Capacity building for livelihood initiatives.
  • Consultancy, advisory and knowledge services.
  • SPV formation for ensuring operational and business sustainability of CBOs.
  • Working with communities for sustainable, equitable and inclusive development.


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