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Functioning of SPV/PMU

Virtual Infrastructure Setup of SPV

Implementation Structure in SPV Model

To-be Setup

  • In schemes which promote business organizations such as FPOs, the support setup should be designed and enabled in such a way that, after the end of scheme, it should continue to run on self sustainable basis.
  • There should be proper instrument (SPV) for formal integration of all stakeholders on long term basis.
  • The support setup should follow a well defined SOP in all its activities and commercial transactions.
  • There should be a comprehensive virtual infrastructure integrating all the stakeholders covering their activities, operations and transactions.
  • For sustainability in FPO operations, there should be seamless and continued availability of business operation support and facilitation services.
  • There should be seamless integration of business entities with FPOs.
  • Effective integration of startups and academia for bringing innovations in FPO business operations.
  • Convergence of government schemes and provisions.
  • Convergence of CSR and funding agencies’ services.

Activities of The SPV