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1. Suggestive Setup for Transforming FPOs/FPCs Initiative of Government of India into a National Success Story
(By: Dwarika Singh)

Around 7000 Farmers Producer Organisation / Companies (FPOs/FPCs) are created in phase-I and now government has allocated huge fund for creation of 10000 more FPOs/FPCs. The learning indicates that survival rate of FPOs/FPCs created during phase-I is around 10% and the surviving FPOs/FPCs are also struggling for business sustenance. The key reasons are unavailability of continued and trusted platform which can formally integrate all the stakeholders for delivering comprehensive business facilitation and compliance support services in managed & cost effective manner.
From last five years, based on my field experience, I am trying to make the decision makers to understand about the need of a comprehensive, trusted and cost effective platform, without that, such initiative will not be able to transfer visible benefits to farmers. The same will also be applicable..

2. Prosperity of farming community is possible by adopting the culture of Nutrition Agriculture for food production and ?Sustainable Diet" in consumption (By: Dwarika Singh)

Taking nutrition via food rather supplements or medicine
Now a day, peoples are taking about the malnutrition and rising incidents of health related problems. It is partly due to agriculture production & processing are not having nutrient outputs as an explicit goal. A better understanding of what is required from agricultural production and food processing for healthy and sustainable diets is needed. Sustainable diet can only be possible by adopting the nutrition sensitive agriculture. To implement the Nutrition-sensitive agriculture, it is needed to consider and understand the role of biodiversity in improving dietary quality along-with dietary diversity as well as seasonality in food supply.

3. Understanding the Food & Nutrition dynamism of 21st century and preparing the Rural youth to avail the opportunities through Diversified Farming (By: Dwarika Singh)

The current era is the era of Globalization, trade, technology, Knowledge, Innovation and entrepreneurship. The trade with the help of technology is encompassing the world into its arm and converting the same into a single village. This has given opportunity in one hand and posed challenges of being competitive & innovative on other hand i.e. if we want to avail the global opportunities, we have to be innovative and competitive in the approach.
Agriculture and Rural India was marginalized under the industrialized economy and lot of social issues arrived due to poverty and migration. The internet is now converting the society into knowledge society and people are becoming more and more..

4. The only Road for India to become Global Leader
(By: Dwarika Singh)

Current Global facts:
  • Specialized skill demand
  • Knowledge oriented economy
  • Globalized trade
  • Competitive survival
  • Era of skill, innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Equal opportunity for all to grow

5. India Needs to decide fast to grab its due share in globalized economy(By: Dwarika Singh)

Today is the era of knowledge economy and knowledge is going to be the key driver for economic growth and transformation. The ?newness? in the form of skill, innovation and entrepreneurship has caught the attention of the world as a new driver for the national growth. Throughout the world Government, policy makers, strategist, Academia, Teachers, professionals, practicing experts are devoting their much of the time to compete in the globalized world to prove their supremacy in the knowledge economy ?the future economy?

India traditionally being an education and knowledge oriented society can take the new opportunity to convert the potential of knowledge into economic terms.