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ISED Services consider Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as one of the strategic tool which can bring a remarkable change in the socio-economic development. We believe that applied innovations should be facilitated by CSR for sector specific sustainable development adopting participatory productive approach. This outlook will gratify the society as well as the forward-thinking companies to turn their incompetent investment into productive and will multi-fold the outcome.
CSR in India has traditionally been seen as a philanthropic activity. And in keeping with the Indian tradition, it was an activity that was performed but not deliberated. As a result, there is limited documentation on specific activities related to this concept. However, what was clearly evident that much of this had a national character encapsulated within it, whether it was endowing institutions to actively participating in India’s freedom movement, and embedded in the idea of trusteeship.
The Companies Act, 2013 has introduced the idea of CSR to the forefront and through its disclose-or-explain mandate, is promoting greater transparency and disclosure. Schedule VII of the Act, which lists out the CSR activities, suggests communities be the focal point.
Benefits of CSR
1. Increased employee engagement
2. Better bottom-line financials
3. More support for local and global communities
4. Increased investment opportunities
5. Press opportunities and brand awareness
6. Increased customer retention and loyalty
7. A stronger employer brand
8. Contributes to the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals