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The ISED Services has been implementing of Farmers Producer Organization Project (FPO) at Madhya Pradesh. NABARD/NCDC/SFAC has funded this project under Produce fund- promotion of FPOs. The objective of promotion of FPO is to improve agriculture income of farming community by providing services such as agriculture inputs, services technologies, market linkage and adopting post harvest crop/seed management, grading storage and processing technologies. ISED services FPO project has been covering 10000+ farmers in Madhya Pradesh state. The awareness programmes like village meetings, base line survey, FPO registration etc have been completed successfully.

ISED Services Role for FPO

  • FPO Formation and Promotion Services.
  • Enabling and Promoting FPO-to-FPO Business.
  • Statutory and Legal Compliances Services.
  • MIS and Technology Support Services.
  • Buyer Seller Meet and Business Summits.
  • Seminars and Workshops.
  • Convergence of FPO Operations with Government Schemes.
  • Synergizing the Business Value Chain of FPO and Startup.
  • Research, Baseline survey, Diagnostic Study.
  • Business Plan and DPR Preparations.


S.No. FPO name Implementing Agency Focused Crop Website Address
1. Ekikrit FPOs NABARD Soyabean, Maize Block-Badnawar, Dist-Dhar, Madhya Pradesh
2. Shree Chambal Valley FPOs NABARD Wheat, Soyabean Block-Dhar, Dist-Dhar, Madhya Pradesh
3. Natural Herbal Organic FPOs NABARD Herbal Product Block-Kukshi, Dist-Dhar, Madhya Pradesh
4. Krishi Srijan FPOs NABARD Cotton, Maize Block-Manawar, Dist-Dhar, Madhya Pradesh
5. Kundeshwar Millet FPOs NABARD Soyabean Block-Kundam, Dist-Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh
6. Maa Rewa FPOs NABARD Soyabean Block-Patan, Dist-Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh
7. Maa Verasan FPO NABARD Water chestnut Block-Sihora, Dist-Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh
8. Bhumiprasadam FPO NABARD Peas product Block-Shahpura, Dist-Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh
9. Samradh Agri FPO NABARD Cotton Block gram Block-Petlawad, Dist-Jhabua, Madhya Pradesh
10. Jhabua FPO NABARD Cotton Block-Parwalia, Dist-Jhabua, Madhya Pradesh
11. Gadarwara Organic FPO NABARD Organic pulses Block-Gadarwara, Dist-Narsingpur, Madhya Pradesh
12. Nav pallav FPO NABARD Green peas Block-Gotegaon, Dist-Narsingpur, Madhya Pradesh
13. Kareli Organic FPO NABARD Jaggery Block-Kareli, Dist-Narsingpur, Madhya Pradesh
14. Janki-Raman FPO NABARD Block-Rahatgarh, Dist-Sagar, Madhya Pradesh
15. Maa-Aabar FPO NABARD Block-Shahpura, Dist-, Madhya Pradesh
16. Maa-Vandevi FPO NABARD Block-Kesli, Dist-, Madhya Pradesh
17. Eran FPO NABARD Block-Bina, Dist-, Madhya Pradesh
18. Gramoday FPO NABARD Block- , Dist-, Madhya Pradesh
19. Dhumeshwar FPO NABARD Block-Dhumeshwar, Dist-Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh
20. Maa Karila FPO SFAC Black Gram / Ground nut Block-Tikamgarh, Dist-Tikamgarh, Madhya Pradesh
21. Bhoraj Mata FPO SFAC Black Gram / Ground nut Block-Baldeogarh, Dist-Tikamgarh, Madhya Pradesh
22. Niwaridhaam FPO SFAC Ginger/Groundnut Block-Niwari, Dist-Niwari, Madhya Pradesh
23. Koyapunem Tribal FPO SFAC Vanopaj /kodokuttki Block-Mohgao, Dist-Mandla, Madhya Pradesh
24. Rani Durgawati Tribal FPO SFAC Vanoupaj /kodokuttki Block-Gughari, Dist-Mandla, Madhya Pradesh
25. Himvashnee FPO SFAC Sharbati Wheat Block-Khurai, Dist-Sagar, Madhya Pradesh
26. Amjhira FPO SFAC Sharbati Wheat Block-Malthon, Dist-Sagar, Madhya Pradesh
27. Shribaraahdev FPO SFAC Dalhan Block-Majholi, Dist-Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh
28. Nijdhra FPO SFAC Jagrrey / Dahan Block-Chawarpatha, Dist-Narsinghpur, Madhya Pradesh
29. Dahi FPO SFAC Whole grains Block-Dahi, Dist-Dhar, Madhya Pradesh
30. Block- , Dist-, Madhya Pradesh